Signal-Resilience Force Agreement

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If you worked with CSG on Signal Restoration Projects to clean up and repair schools in Calcasieu Parish or the Isle of Capri Resort and Casino, you may be entitled to compensation.

What is this about?

Workers who were hired by Contractor Support Group (CSG) to work on Signal Restoration Projects in and around Lake Charles, Louisiana after Hurricane Laura may be entitled to recover their unpaid wages, overtime, per diem, and/or travel time. Workers may also have the opportunity to recover monetary damages for CSG’s failure to pay them promptly and for any hardships workers may have endured trying to obtain payment for their work.

How can I participate?

In order to begin the wage recovery process, you must make an appointment to speak with a JND staff member about your particular case. To request an appointment, please fill out the below form, call 833-358-1845 or send an email to

Appointments will last about an hour. JND's hours are from 8am-8pm Central Time Monday - Friday and 1pm-5pm Central Time on Sunday. The call center is closed on Saturdays. Calls, emails, and appointments can be in English or Spanish, and interpretation into other languages can be arranged.

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